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Poetry slam4 Im sick of crying Done with fesling like I'm not good enough Like the blood and tears I've put in ment nothing at all As the lies roll out of your mouth The tears fill up my eyes I can't help but wonder Why do I do this to myself Because I love you so much It hurts, brings me to my knees As I beg for the truth I dont know how to fix this kinda heart ake Feels like a million heart breaks My hair isn't always dandy But I put on make up and try to be Your arm candy I try not to be embraced When you check out a woman when im holding your hand I try not to turn red and hold back my helpless tears Im tired of trying so hard I can't hold the weight of the world on my shoulders any longer Options for poetry slam I hate to see you hurting But youre blind when im in pain You dont see my reasons Mabey if you would see it from my eyes Youre feelings would be different You act like you have it so bad When I do all for you but whipe youre ass Youre self centered My self just so happends to be centered around you I make all my choices around as you & me as a team But latley I've been feeling alone in my efforts Struggling with these stresses and burdens alone Feeling helpless when we speak to eachother Because I try not to affend the fact that you dont put as much work in as I do. I know im not perfect I may not be the nicest somtimes.You tend to shut me out alot and you say our business is our business so if I cant talk to you about us. I have all this bottled up anger and some times I just cry myself to sleep trying to fix our pointless fights but they dont seem to fase you. You are not trying to fix anything even when you clearly know its not all me. I feel lonley in this struggle to make things work its as if you totally gave up. Ive allways showed my support in everything you have done even when I didnt nessasarilty agree with it. Yet you just laugh at me when I cry Options for poetry slam 1 Deam land Some thing is knocking at my window Who could it be The man of my dreams To come and sweep me off my feet And fly away with me Show me they are not all the same Some thing is knocking at my window Its just the rain Untrue He played with my heart Messed with my head Slept around in other bitches beds The shit hes say Made me feel as if he was foreal When he left I didnt know what to do I curled up in a ball and cryed Tears pouring out of my eyes One day here and the Next day gone I still love you with my whole heart even thou You did me wrong. Time_ No matter how mad I get I will never say goodbye forever Because with you in it my lifes A whole lot better You were my first Hopefully my last The time is now and the rest is just My past I'll love him till the day I die To him I'll stay true And never say goodbye The one that I love With my whole heart His eyes speek to me As mine speak to his Ill love this man till the day i die I promise it -fibber- Whatever happened to I love you and you love me and when we older well rase a family those nights we spent Those secrets we shared The times you held me close and Said you'd always be there You looked me in the eyes and said you loved me By why? Did you still hurt me again and again We were suck good friends Now I cant even look at you without Tears in my eyes cuz when you told me you loved me I didn't know you lied Options for poetry slam 2 Was I wrong You asked whats wrong? I replied nothing But I lied Here were tears I my eyes You said oh But I wanted you to know That I'm in love with you But I'm I'm her the one who holds your heart Was wrong to hurt myself with you? -the choices- The suns hot the winds cold my hearts broken Shattered soul My eyes yell my mouths closed tears fall All stops What the hell do you want me to do Chase after you? You left me after you promised You wouldn't I'll never be okay im going to stay I don't have to live this way These eyes have seen love lost This heart has felt heart break But through it all this smile keep smiling When I fell in love I fell so hard when I eventually hit the ground I must have shattered my body Im giving you a taste of your own medicine I hope it cuts like shards of glass as it gos down All I ask for is no lies respect me love me protect me guide me but dont controle me just remember I was there for you when nobody was just remember I was always there for you.. I'll remember that you were never there for me just remember I dont care about you anymore and its a damn good feelingâ?¥ I hope it makes you cry as many tears as I did when we were together Be thankful I have self respect or id fuck all your friends these homies ain't loyal this woman once was that man looks stupid he fucked over a loyal woman to fuck with shady hoes nice choice bro lmao I'm not trying to make you jealous I am simply living my life saying what I want to say and if your creepin and you read my shit and find that I dont give a shit about you anymore thats your fault not mine! Ypu call me crazy because im laughing at what used to make me cry? The method to my madness is I dont care anymore you lost the best thing you could ever had babyâ?¥ I hope you regret it every day just know its the best choice ive ever made in my life lol You just walked right out of my life Left empty handed Left our love behind Should I ask you to stay? How many times dose this make it? You leave I cry The worst thing is You didnt even say goodbye I search for word to make its easier to deal with Pick up the pieces that you left of me to deal with All these horrible thoughts running throu my head You Have people calling me a hoe When you where the only one that I took to bed How could you treat me like this ? How could you leave me like this? And close the door On our love its nevermore Poe said so now my heart is sore You left me in a puddle of tears Probably out there with a hoe Expecting me to do the same? Regardless of what you think I always was that girl you met that summer Who was shy but full of life Didn't want to kiss you Because I know some day it would be our goodbye Some things you dont understand Like how truly pure my love was for you. I wonder if you actually knew What would you do? Would you have fought harder to make our love last Or would you still have thrown it in the trash? Im not tr You said you wouodnt leave I was stuipid it was us less I was blinded I was young I belived in love Now im hurt And im sad You broke my heart it was bad I was innocent when you met me You took advantage of the love you left me Made me feel it was real He dont love me like you would He dont care He dont hold me like you could Im not asking for you to take care of me Just care for me Show me I mean alot to you And if I was gone you'd be lost

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